Join us Sundays at 8:00 & 10:30am


CLPC youth is a great safe place for fun, fellowship and learning about Jesus.  The vibrant youth group have weekly get togethers and also are active in local, regional and global mission out reach.


This is a fun filled hour and a half of Bible lessons, activities and fellowship. Sunday Night Youth Group meets Sunday night as follows.

1st sunday Night of each month: NO YOUTH                                             

Junior High (6-8 grade) 5:30pm – 7:00pm: Monthly Update Link
Senior High (9-12 grade) 7:00pm – 8:30pm: Monthly Update Link


There are anywhere from 1 to 4 events set up within a month. This will vary depending on the month. These events are a wonderful opportunity for our youth to have fellowship with one another as well as a way to reach out to others in our church family and the community. See the events page to keeep updated with youth events


All youth are invited to participate in WNA. All of the WNA’s specific schedule can be found listed separately under Wednesday Night Alive.


Senior High and Junior High will be participating in week long mission trips.  The Senior High will be serving the Bahamas  and the Junior High will be serving in Boston through Center for Student Missions.  Please be in prayer for the teams as they serve God and grow in Christ while serving in different Urban Ministries.  Senior High: June 25-July 2.  Junior High: July 3-9.  Please visit CSM website for more detailed information about the ministry oppurtunities in Boston.



Youth permission slip link here

 Adult Sign up to help at youth group:

Follow these instruction:

Accessing the Google Calendar:

1. Go to Google

2. Type in "Google Calendar" and click on the Google Calendar Link

3. When it comes up to the login in screen click "add account"

4. The username is: and the password is: CLPCYOUTH (all caps)

5. Once logged in, go to the Sunday you are willing to be present at and click on the event and then click "edit event".

6. Once you are on the screen to edit the event just type your name in the title of the event where it says "Coverage:" For Ex. "JH Coverage: Misty Atkinson" That shows me that Misty is planning on being my other adult for the JH section of the night.

7. Click "Save" and exit.